Wednesday, July 11, 2007

81 degrees in New York, mostly cloudy.

Not much going on today.

I did take a dump on Sidney Crosby today over at the Nosebleeds, so that's probably worth reading, if you can excuse the kid gloves I put on for those who aren't hockey fans.


I'm gonna go find some lunch.

Oh, and for those of you who do know your way around the game of hockey, maybe I'll have a Pepsi.

I'm inspired by this 1960's ad featuring what appears to be early versions of the Charlestown Chiefs Jerseys.

If I could have improved the ad at all, I would have added a cameo from Tim McCracken at the end saying "Dunlop, you drink Pepsi." Then the guy with the Pepsi bottle would turn to the camera with a grin and say "All I can get."

Thanks to my buddy Duben for the heads up.

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