Thursday, July 12, 2007

Anybody excited to see Joe Thornton return to Boston?

Well, too bad, cause it ain't happening.


Thanks to the new schedule, Boston fans will once again not see Joe Thornton return to the garden, something he has done exactly once, for approximately 2 minutes, before he hit Hal Gill up high and got thrown out for a game misconduct, kicking him out of what could have been a great contest for both clubs.

I mean, wouldn't it have been fun?

To see what the fans would do?

I don't think they'd boo him.

Who knows?

The Bruins will face Thornton in San Jose on October 13th, but there are so few Bruins left on the team from his era, that it won't really be a factor for him.

Once again, thanks Gary.

Also, the Bruins will not be facing at all, even once- two of the greatest goaltenders in the game in Roberto Luongo and Miikka Kiprusoff. They won't be seeing Ryan Smyth at all, and they won't get to see new goaltender Manny Fernandez prove himself against Minnesota.


Let's just hope that the Ice Bowl comes though.

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