Friday, July 13, 2007

The Duben Messages, Volume One.

OK- I've mentioned my buddy Duben on this blog before.

He was my roommate for a few years when I lived in Brooklyn, a great guy and the father of an adorable baby girl.

He's also a huge Boston sports fan.

Periodically, he'll get mad about something- the Bruins pathetic situation, Jeremy Jacobs, whoever is coaching the Bruins, whatever- and he'll give my cell phone a call. Occasionally, these phone messages are pretty funny, and I always felt like it might make a nice addition to the blog.

Well, I finally recorded one.

Apparently, Duben was on the Boston Bruins website and stumbled across Bish's Blog, AKA "The Bear Essentials."It's the official blog of John Bishop, a dude from Connecticut who works for the Bruins. I never really read it much, and had no opinion either way, but Duben apparently does read it, and has a rather strong opinion.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's negative.

Oh, and this is in no way safe for work.

Put your headphones on, and enjoy.

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