Sunday, July 29, 2007

Where to play street hockey in Tokyo:

-You know, just in case you're in the land of the rising sun and looking for pickup game.


There's nothing else going on in hockey these days, unless you count the Staal brother's bachelor party.

I have nothing to say on that- except that if I could have been at the scene of the crime for any of the athletic scandals breaking last week, (Barry Bonds challenging for the home run record, a fixed NBA game, a dogfight hosted by Michael Vick, strip club shooting with Pac Man Jones) that Staal bachelor party makes the top of the list by a longshot.

Party on boys, just don't hurt yourselves.


The Iceburglar said...

Since this site is so infatuated with the Pens, I thought I would share some more great news... the voice of the Pens, Mike Lange, is back for his 32nd season! Oh yeah!

You can check out some his gems here

Paul said...

The Tokyo Street Hockey Association has moved. Same great free ball hockey in Japan but at a new location in Asakusa!!: