Friday, July 06, 2007

This would certainly ease the pain

of New Jersey's recent Gomez-ectomy:

I mean, I don't think our entire defensive corps has enough highlights for an 8 1/2 minute YouTube piece. No offense to our new #23, Karel Rachunek, who did this:

UPDATE: Well, so much for Souray. I don't know much about Vishnevski, but I was pretty mystified by the addition of Brad Lukowich to the lineup, only to have him step up big time when the chips (and half our D) were down. Vishnevski isn't exactly the power play specialist we're hurting for, but I'm officially reserving comment until the season starts.

OK, technically that was a comment. So I'm officially reserving comment startiiiiiiing...NOW!


JN said...

What that video fails to show is the 20-minutes montage you could do with Souray being burned, deked and generally owned in his own end. If he ends up with The Sect, we might be able to score once or twice agains Brodeur this year, for a change.

Andrea said...

Yeah fellas, good luck with Rachunek. The only reason Section 426 didn't boo him off the Garden ice was that we were pretty sure he was going to skulk back to the Russia Elite League on his own. Ah well....

This is my first visit to your site and holy shark--you guys are hilarious! And I mean that in a good complimentary way, even though I'm a Rangers fan. (I only wonder why Denis Leary isn't listed as a funny comedian who loves hockey? Although my guess is there's an old post in here somewhere about him and Cam Neely having a cameo on "Rescue Me.")

Anyway, keep up the fine work!