Saturday, February 03, 2007

You know, if I had the hockey package:

I'm prety sure I'd know how to pronounce Ouellet .





Beats the hell out of me.

I guess what I'm saying is I'm not watching the Penguins and the Caps right now.

The only upside is I won't have to see that dreadful Ovechkin/Leonisis at the snack machine ad another 5 times.

Look! The billionaire has his hand stuffed up the snack machine!


I hate to tell you assholes, but the only five words you need with a hockey player and a snack machine are as follows:

"Fuckin' machine took my quarter!"

I mean, for crying out loud.

Why is it that the All Star game gets all the hype with Ovechkin and Crosby playing together, and this game doesn't get on national TV?

I hate RCN cable with every pore of my being.

I'm in a mood.


Anonymous said...

You always get it just right.
Soon I think I'll rewatch Slapshot.
Go Oilers!!

vh2k6 said...

The game was being played on Yahoo. So it was technically on national interwebs TV.

That's how I watched it.

Sherry said...

In a butchered phoentic way, "Oulett" is pronounced "Wha-lett"