Monday, February 05, 2007

Coaches Corner with Don Cherry- Feb 3

Hey all- I found a Youtube account that is posting Coaches Corner on YouTube, so those of us in the States can see it.

By the way, I feel like I must have said this before, but I'll say it again. Wanna improve TV ratings for hockey in the States?

I have three words for you:

Hire Don Cherry.

Huge thank you to joeyjohnson992


The Forechecker said...

Actually, the CBC is now posting those segments directly themselves. Having grown up in the Detroit area, I've always enjoyed Coaches Corner, and my sole condition for moving south to Indiana upon getting married was getting a satellite dish so I could still get my fix of Hockey Night in Canada, the best sports show in Canada or the U.S.

Ritch said...

Right you are- I had an old link to the CBC Coaches corner page, the second to top link on the right there, "the beauty." But that link, while it had coaches corner on it, for some reason blacked out the game footage, which was as a shame. This new link is better and I'll replace it. Once again, the Forechecker comes through.

colelab said...

Actually I don't know what Cherry is bitching about. The replay of Crosby clearly shows exactly what he calls using the butt end of a stick. Now I have not watched many Cherry moments but I have to say this seems to be a real whiner session with a Canadian bias. Also, the Sundin example of using the butt end of the stick was a horrible example. He never uses the end of his stick... so what is his point?

It has been clearly shown through Crosby's time in the NHL that he is not a pussy. He will stand up for himself and take his lumps, so when he hits the ice in pain or has that look of vengence on another player you know it is real.

P.S. Take that ugly jersey off.