Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Trade winds blow, and so do the Blackhawks

Well, it's that time of year again...time for another Great Chicago Fire Sale. It's always sad to see an original six team struggling like the Blackhawks are. They've already moved Bochenski, Smolinski, and would probably even deal Gore Verbinski if they had his rights. Or if he was a hockey player.

There are a number of theories floating around about why Chicago is perenially in the basement, but I think it can all be traced back to one serious jinx:

It's hard to come back once you've been Belush'ed.

In other trade news, it looks like Buffalo is officially putting ALL their eggs in Ryan Miller's basket. They've sent Biron to Philly, and picked up a new backup for Miller.

Wait a sec, Ty Conklin? That Ty Conklin?

Yes. That Ty Conklin.

You can practically feel the chill running down the collective spines of the city of Buffalo...and rightly so. A backup for an all-star goaltender only needs to be able to do one thing: hold the fort and finish a playoff game in the event of an injury to the starter. I know what you're asking yourself. By "hold the fort," does he mean "vacate the net so Rod Brind'Amour can pot an easy layup for the game winner?"

No. No I do not.

Seriously, that is a mind-boggling move. It's times like this when I'm extra glad to be a Devils fan. Trade deadline day is the one day a year when I will cop to the Devils being boring...they're almost never involved in any of the blockbuster deals. The one exception being 2003, when Lou sent two-thirds of the A line packing...and we all remember how that turned out:

OK, well, I remember. Most of you probably weren't watching.

For all of today's exciting trade deadline action, check out TSN's soothingly graphical Trade Tracker.

UPDATE: Looks like the Pens are loading for bear...grizzled vet Gary Roberts, fistic winger Georges Laraque, and 3 PM is still hours away.


Jack said...


Yes, Buffalo fans are chilled by the prospect of Conklin having to step up in a playoff game. But we've got faith in Darcy Regier that he wouldn't have dealt Biron if he didn't think he could get a solid winger or more depth at the blue line in a trade later in the day. Dealing Biron gives the Sabres a lot of cap space. So I'm going to delay judgment until then. But if 3pm rolls around and all we've got to show for the trade is a goalie that could barely hack it in the AHL and the 30th pick in next year's draft, then I'll panic. And I'll probably cry a little, too.

Ben said...

Hey Jack--

I hope (and assume) you're right. Dealing Biron looks like like a salary dump to me, too, and probably a smart one...isn't he a UFA next year anyway?

I just question the signing of Conklin to take his place. What's the matter, couldn't they get, oh, gee, ANYONE ELSE? I've got a parking cone here I'd consider parting with...give Darcy my number.

joe said...

and sindey crosby is safe

Alec said...

You know who got hosed in the whole trade picture....

the Bruins

Why? we gave up two good players for two guys under contract. Look and the price increase in days to come. The Thrashers gave up the AHL allstar team to get two guys. But don't fear - the B's now have a 5'10" d-man, and a guy with a bad elbow.

I'd prefer a 1st rounder and 2 second round picks.

Jack said...


Yeah, there were probably some other goalies available. Cujo was reportedly willing to go to Buffalo, but I believe he is now 68 years old and his contract is too big. Belfour's cheap, but I believe he's the Panther's de facto number one goalie, due to injury. Still, there have to be others available. That's why I'm assuming the trade was made in anticipation of a larger trade, maybe even one bringing another goaltender, but that is extremely unlikely. I just don't understand why you'd pick up a goalie right before the deadline who's mostly known for a botched play in the Stanley Cup Finals. I don't remember a bidding war for Buckner after the '86 series.(Sorry, Ritch) Or for Norwood after Super Bowl XXV.(Just anticipating your retort, Ritch.) And yes, Biron will be an UFA at the end of the year.

delucious said...

Bill Geurin? I'd rather have Veronica Geurin.

Thought you'd enjoy that.

Jack said...

Sabres got Dainius Zubrus from the Caps. His nickname in Buffalo is already "Zubaz." Still worried about Conklin should Miller go down for a game or two in the playoffs, but I like the trade. Sabres were in need of a big winger that can score after Gaustad went down.