Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's not all peaches and cream

Backing up Marty Brodeur may be seem like a plum job. After all, even figuring the league minimum, you're basically collecting mid-six figures for riding the pine all season. In fact, Scott Clemmensen probably earns more per minute of ice time than some of the league's biggest names. But let no one say that Clemmensen doesn't leave it all...well, maybe not on the ice, but on the bench, which is right next to the ice:

Backup goaltender Scott Clemmensen has started only two games all season and hasn't played since Dec. 14, but still ended up with eight stitches in his upper lip when he was struck with the stick blade of teammate Travis Zajac while sitting on the bench.

"Travis was carrying the puck past our bench and [Chris] Simon hit him and his stick hit me," Clemmensen explained as his lip still oozed blood after the game. "At least, my teeth are OK."

Give Clemmensen credit, though...in the first period of last week's game against the Islanders, he only made three fewer saves than Brodeur.

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Rachael said...

I always have trouble remembering that guy's name. My favourite story about a back up goalie is this: