Friday, February 23, 2007

Brawl? What brawl?

Well, Jen is going to be posting her take on best brawl of the 2007 season which went down last night in Buffalo, and according to NHL video, isn't worthy of even a few seconds in it's highlight package.

Seriously, a goalie fight doesn't qualify as a highlight?

At one point, Ryan Miller is in the game. Hey NHL, once again, you're doing your fans a disservice.

I don't care if Biron had dropped his pants and rode his hockey stick like a pony, if a team switches goalies, that needs to make the highlight reel.

Christ, even ESPN has video coverage.

Here it is, from, via my buddy Jack.

UPDATE: There are other clips up on YouTube that include the Drury hit, but I like this one for that great Buffalo announcer, and the fact that you can hear Lindy Ruff very clearly screaming "Don't go after our fucking captain!" Plus, how great is it that standing right between the two coaches, looking a little uncomfortable in his tie, is none other than Rob Ray, who actually played for both coaches.

Get your heads out of your asses, NHL.


Ben said...

That footage is just unbelievable. The smile on Ray Emery's face alone is worth the price of admission.

Ben said...

Also, give Biron credit for starting some shit he knew he couldn't finish. Emery is just back from suspension, for Christ's sake.

Alec said...

ok a few things-
1) his name is Lindy AND he's a bad ass


3) You mess with the buffalo, you get the horns.

4) I just added Adam Mair to my Fantasy team for saturday alone. He might get 3-5 years in PIM's

5) Daniel Briere is actually the captain... sorry lindy, get a program.

Jack said...

I agree with the first four, but in response to number 5, Drury and Briere are co-captains. They alternate wearing the "C" and "A" patches on their jerseys.

And coincidentally, Lindy Ruff is one of the few non-goalies to ever fight a goalie. Back in 1980 he tackled Islanders goalie Billy Smith during a playoff game after Smith tried to trip him. Rob Ray also tried to fight Patrick Roy once and proceeded to get his ass kicked by the other five guys on the ice. Can't wait for tonight's rematch, although I'm a little worried the Sens are going to try to run Briere or Vanek.