Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Birth of an American Hockey Fan Week Five Point Five:The Trade Deadline

I'd like to think that the NHL Trade Deadline coming so early in my education might offer up some sort of naive protective shield, sort of a blissful ignorance thing going on, but there's no flowers for Algernon today- I know a bad, or at the very, very, net-is-half full best, questionable move when I see one. The loss of Marty Biron this afternoon and the subsequent pickup of a goalie that no one can describe to me without spitting does not bode well* for my Sabres.

But think of poor Biron (though not often. He's a Flyer now, and must learn to be ignored). Impending free agency aside, poor guy's putting in a solid backup netminding performance, on his way to the playoffs and a possible Cup win, then one day Darcy Regier pulls him aside, pats him on the ass (I'm taking a few poetic liberties here), and condemns him to the bottom of the conference. I know rough times are ahead for Sabres fans, and woe to the man in charge of massaging Ryan Miller down at the end of his now incredibly-full days, but have some compassion for someone who truly got pooch-screwed today. Maybe it's time to trade in the blank mask for a new one:

All I've got to say is, Sabres management better be blowing that $2.2 mill on something pretty sweet for the fans next year, like a shiny new Amerk or four.

*By "does not bode well", I mean we'll sail into the playoffs with slightly less ease. C'mon people, it's just a backup goalie.

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Rachael said...

Great post..sums up that trade wonderfully. It's nice to see the perspective of a new fan, welcome to the insanity of being a hockey fan.
Can't wait until the playoffs start, get ready for sleepless nights from being so worked up from watching the game (you're either too happy to sleep because they won, or you're replaying all the things that the team could've done differently).