Monday, October 30, 2006

Watching the Rangers/Kings-

The game is on right now, and even though I was eagerly looking forward to the Ranger's west coast swing, daylight savings time is kinda kicking my ass-

Dang- Shanahan just blocked a shot, came in on a partial breakaway and just barely got denied.

What a great pickup for the Rangers.

I gotta say that I like the way the Kings are playing, when you shoot the puck from anywhere, a lot, good things happen. Still, the Rangers have been playing really sloppy in their defensive zone, and my guess is, daylight savings time isn't doing them any favors either, especially after playing a game in Phoenix two days ago. Remember, for them, that game is starting at 11:30.

It's nice to see Kopitar again, the kid seems to have some skills, and this game also marks the first time I've really gotten a good look at Sean Avery. I'm not sure what all the hubbub is about, on the ice he seems like a real hard nosed, tough, skilled hockey player. I guess he shoots his mouth off, and is obnoxious, but shit- he looked pretty good out there to me.

I'm looking forward to some good hockey this week as Lord knows, I love a late game and the Rangers have both the Ducks and the Sharks coming up. From what I read, those seem to be the two teams that the rest of the league is using as a barometer, so it should be fun.

Boom- Shanahan just scored, maybe tied for the league lead in goalscoring now?

I think so.



They may still have life.

Oh, and before I go, a big shoutout to my street hockey team, the Mighty Squirrels of the Blacktop Street Hockey League , who finished up our season on Sunday with a big 1-0 win. We were a far shot from a winning record, but that never affected the temperature of the beer at the bar afterwards, and everybody on the team played hard, with a good attitude. Hockey is supposed to be fun, and by that barometer, we were undefeated. But it still was fun to go out with a win.

And there's Avery answering for LA!

Can I call it, or what?

4-1 Kings, and I'm guessing Jagr's done skating for the night.

We'll see.

Either way, I think I'm heading to bed.

Big ups to the Squirrels.

Go Nuts!


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Drew said...

I think Sean Avery has toned down his attitude a bit this year. It's always seemed to me like he was a very gifted player held back by his own desire to be an agitator. This year, he's dialed back the asshole meter from "11", and I think he'll get a little more respect on the good player meter as a result.

Ritch said...

Wait- Sean Avery was responsible for 9/11!!!?

Holy Crap, we should call somebody!

Hey, in the future, how about we keep the conspiracy theories out of the comments section? I'd like to keep this open for everybody.

You know, unless they are Don Cherryesque theories about how Europeans wearing visors caused the invasion of Iraq.

That one I'd kind of like to hear.

Doogie said...

Muslims hate 7-11? Seriously, why do people still bother with this shit?

As for Shanny, this guy's gotten a new lease on life since the lockout. It's like he dialed back the clock eight years during the time off.

vh2k6 said...

That was the best game the Kings have played this year.

You know what's a fucking shame? Mathieu Garon being a backup to Dan Cloutier. Pathetic.

And I would love to see a video of Sean Avery's third period dive. That was the greatest thing I've ever seen.

Avery has definitely toned it down this year. I think -- though I'm not sure -- he has 3 10-minute misconducts. Two of those came at the end of the game. He also has 4 diving minors if I'm not mistaken.

He can take over a game sometimes. He has a fair bit of skill, a lot of speed, and a pretty good shot. It's fun to watch him play when he's on.

And Kopitar has been a blessing to watch for the Kings this year. He has EASILY been our best player.

Anonymous said...

daylight savings wouldn't be kicking your ass, since you get an extra hour of sleep in the fall.