Thursday, October 05, 2006

Two out of three ain't bad-

Well, I got a minor shock last night as I sat down to watch hockey, and discovered that my well thought out plan to flip between the OLN (I'm still having a trouble calling them "Versus") coverage of the 'Canes and Sabres and the free preview on NHL's center ice package (which featured the Sens and Leafs last night) was not to be.

This is because I am a subscriber of RCN Cable here in Manhattan, a system that my girlfriend already had when I moved in last January, and they do not offer the NHL package.

You heard me.

1000 channels, at least 15 of which are exclusively devoted to Korean folk music, but nope, you can't get a goddamn hockey game.

I always watch the free preview of the NHL Center Ice package, and based on how much I love it, and how much the Bruins suck that year, I decide if I will buy it right then, or wait until the all star break, when you can get it for half off.

So I called RCN, and asked why I couldn't seem to find the channel that had the NHL package, and surprise- they passed the buck.

"Well, it looks like the NHL was unable to get this deal done."

Yeah, with you!

What a prick.

Oh, and I'd love to change cable systems if RCN didn't already do our phone, cable TV, internet service, and two email addresses that my girlfriend uses for work.

I'm sick about this.

I mean- I really wish I could do something about it, but the argument with my girlfriend goes like this:

"Yeah, we should totally go through the hassle of canceling and resigning up with 3 utilities and two email addresses, which entails a lot of time, energy, waiting on hold with faceless scumbag companies and composing and sending out 2 large group emails. Why? Well for one thing, I'm pretty sure that Chara and Savard are gonna turn the B's around this year. Oh, and when we do this, I'll also be watching hockey almost every night, even the teams I don't really care that much about, and will get a pained expression on my face everytime you suggest we just 'pop in something we got from netflix tonight because let's remember we're paying for that too.'"

The bottom line, is I'm fucked.
If anybody has a good idea on who I can blame for this, I'm all ears.

How about the NHL?

Let's try it:

It just vexes me that the NHL would let this happen. Of all the fans you could potentially lose, I wouldn't have thought they would have lost me. I mean, fuck- I have a blog called American Hockey Fan for Christ's sake- yet the NHL has found a way to even lose my 150 bucks.


They have just enough money to paint "Thank You Fans" on the bluelines, but not enough to MAKE THE GAMES AVAILABLE TO PEOPLE WHO ALREADY WANT TO WATCH!

I mean, Christ!

These assholes never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Anyway, I'm only as pissed as a guy can be who not only saw some great hockey last night, (what an ending of the Stars-Avs game!), but is heading to Madison Square garden tonight to see Alex Ovetchkin and the Caps take on Brendon Shanahan and the Rangers for opening night. There was a brief "I might not be able to get the tickets" scare yesterday, but my pal Eric came through, God bless him.

Also, if you have to go without the hockey package, New York city isn't a bad market to do it in- I have all the OLN games as well as all the Rangers, Isles and Devils games on basic cable for nothing. That oughta be good for at least 20 Bruins games this season.


Oh, and one other thing: When your favorite team is not involved, shootouts are boring.

I know the point is important, blah blah blah, but during the first half who cares? One team will get one extra point, and one won't. Huzzah. When you see 8 breakaways in a row they start to lose their effect, which in turn takes some of the thrill out of watching a real penalty shot, which is a shame, as there are few things as awesome as a penalty shot.

Like what you ask?

Oh, I dunno- how about having a cable system that allows me to pay money and watch hockey games?

Seriously, nice work RCN.

No really, you're doing a great job.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to flip over to channel 643, where RCN's got the Spanish language edition of the making of the Gus Van Sandt remake of "Psycho."



Doc Nagel said...

We picked up Charter cable here in godforsaken Turlock, CA, in order to watch the NHL this year, too. And although they've got the channels for NHL Center Ice blocked out, and although they offer NHL Center Ice all over the country, they don't offer it here - meaning, apparently, they don't offer it precisely here. For no reason at all.

So although I would have been watching the Penguins you despise so vocally, I feel your pain, stout yeoman.

(BTW, in my case, it had nothing to do with the NHL not making a deal. NHL Center Ice swings with just about everybody, near as I can tell, that has PPV capacity.)

vh2k6 said...

I get Center Ice. But Center Ice almost killed me today. I flipped to the Pens/Flyers game and saw the Penguins were winning. My heart almost stopped.

Fucking NHL. Trying to kill me. Bastards.

joe said...

the preview allowed me to catch the fantastic end of the canucks/blues game last night.

i live for the preview. i cannot fathom your pain.