Friday, October 20, 2006

Well, the bastards got me again.

Yes, of course, I'm talking about the Boston Bruins, the team of my youth, the team that taught me to love the game, and the team who has never won a Stanley Cup in my entire fucking lifetime. Anyway, yeah- the same Bruins who won their home opener last night against the Calgary Flames and who, according to my brother, reportedly looked pretty good.

I'll tell you though- if they woulda got beat, it would have been a tall order to keep me interested.

I didn't watch the game of course, as if you've been reading lately, I can't get the goddamn hockey package this season. I'd keep bitching about it, but the humor of the situation has matured into a deep, lasting sadness. Regardless, last night was a must win for the B's, and as they'd already blown leads this year, I watched the score update live during the 3rd period on the Yahoo ticker with baited breath.

I don't know if you've ever tried to monitor a hockey score like that, but it's updated really sporadically. Yahoo broadcasts some games live, but never the games I want to see of course. What do you guys think about someone from the Boston area taping the whole game plus pregame and postgame, and putting it up on YouTube for a late broadcast? I think that would be fucking totally sweet, and I might have an inkling of guilt over it if the NHL and the Center Ice Package weren't as well known for never missing a opportunity to miss an opportunity. Seriously, as much fun as the porno music is, if you're a hometown fan, you not only want to see the pre and post game, but if you have an inkling of a life, it's nice to catch the game on a late night replay.

I'm not saying I DO have an inkling of a life, but- you know?

Still, it's hard to say- if the YouTube was choppy it could make the game hard to follow. I'd appreciate any ideas on this problem.

Anyway, the B's had a one goal lead, and as the time agonizingly slid away on the ticker, I was relieved to see them hold out for the win; two goals from Glen Murray was nice to see as well.

On the other hand, Kevin Paul DuPont over at the Globe had my mouth watering a bit with his suggestion of Murray and a high draft pick going to the Sharks for Nabakov. They know that Murray and Joe work well together, and they have two goalies hanging around.

Plus, in one of the lamer scheduling decisions this season, they don't play each other this year, or at least not in Boston, which as stupid a decision as that is by the league, at least clears the decks for players coming back to hurt them.

Oh, and having Joe Thornton not come back to Boston this year is a stupid, stupid move by a league almost legendary for it's stupid moves. Lemme walk you through it:

- Joe Thornton got traded by the B's last year
- gets scapegoated for the losing season
- goes to San Jose and catches fire
- came back to Boston once last year, but got pitched out in the first minute for boarding Hal Gill
- wins the MVP in San Jose

Now they don't have him back in Boston the next season?

At all?

And why? So there can be more intra-conference games, to quote "build rivalries."

Because Joe Thornton and the Bruins doesn't qualify as a rivalry at all.

I'm sure that extra game against Toronto is totally going to be worth it.

But, for a real rivalry, I'll pull the Youtube that Doogie stuck in my comments section this week and really deserves to be out here in a post for all to see:

As he said in the comment, if you want to skip the interviews and get right to the uninterrupted hatred, skip ahead to the four minute mark, but I recommend the entire thing.


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vh2k6 said...

Maybe something like a...NHL Torrent Site/forum?

Not sure if they get all of the games or not, but my friend referred my there a while ago, so here you go. You have to sign up to see everything.