Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Goddamn, I'm tired.

-and a little drunk, too.

I had that big second glass of scotch tonight, you know the one?

The one where you have one glass of scotch, and it treats you right, so when you go for the second, the glass fills up to the proper level, and there is so little left in the bottle that you think, "Well, Christ- I can't leave that little in there, it's a waste."

So you top it off, and damned if that isn't too much scotch.

It's funny how with milk, that tiny amount always ends up back in the fridge, but with scotch, it's in your belly.

Ah, well.

Anyway, I'm drunk, and when I made a move for the wine my girlfriend got angry, so now I'm pissed off for two reasons, one that I can't have another drink, and two that she's totally right that I shouldn't have another drink.

Fuck, me.

My new job started last week, and it's not that it's that hard, but it's just new, andthat costs a certain amount of mental energy. Also, with the Bruins sucking and all, I haven't really had the energy for much hockey blogging.

Still, despite my exhaustion, inactivity and relative intoxication, I do have the energy to let you know that none of these obstacles in my path have deterred, even for a moment, my passionate belief that the Montreal Canadiens are immoral bags of human filth.

While I'm at it, I continue to hate the Penguins as well, just on general principle. I hope they don't move, if for no other reason than if they head to Canada, I'll end up rooting for them. That's the good thing about hockey, it gives you a venue to displace the hate in your life.

Anyway, I went to the garden last night and saw the Rangers beat the Devils 4-2, thanks to my pal Eric, a corporate lawyer with great company hockey seats and the spirit of an old school Blueseats brawler. It was him that made the comment that the famous "Blue Seats" in Madison Square Garden are now painted a shade of light purple. I mean, that's a problem, right?

I'll tell you, there aren't enough Ranger fans like him, especially in the corporate seats. Did you know that when you sit down there, they have a lady that will bring you beers in your seat? It's awesome, but based on the company in the corporate seats, including several unmolested Devils fans, I suspect that some of those dudes could learn a thing or two from the conversation in the beer line. Still, Eric does it right. I had the pleasure of watching the game with another friend of his, an old timer who was in the building back when Bobby Orr won the cup over the Rangers in 1970.

I'll tell you, the original six teams have some fans who go back, boy.

It's a shame that the NHL can't market that.

Time for bed, kids.

Gotta get up for work in the morning.

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