Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Stanley Cup playoffs start tomorrow


Let’s just allow that to sink in.

After the longest, coldest winter in the history of hockey, the playoffs are finally, finally going to start.

Yesterday, I got a comment that asked me what my predictions were for the playoffs. Well, I have my opinions on who might win, who might lose and which teams in my view are most likely to pull off upsets, but you can get that shit anywhere on the on the internet, it takes forever to read, and those predictions are ALWAYS wrong.

The only prediction I can give you that’s really worth spit is this:

I predict that at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, I’m going to be sitting on my couch, cracking open a motherfucking beer and watching the first playoff hockey I’ve seen since John Kerry had a shot at the Presidency.

It's been far, far too long.

Tomorrow, everyone wins.


colelab said...

I will second that with a U...S...A.... and a ooooooh Canada. Let the couch sitting begin!

The Reddest Wing said...

Well I found this blog and I am neither your brother or a guy in your fantasy league. Well, I guess technically I am on your brother's fantasy league team. And by league, I mean intramural, and by fantasy I mean the only team crappy enough to give us ice time.

In any case I am going to have to agree whole-heartedly and let you know that someone 5,000 miles away (besides your brother) will be doing the same thing come 7:00 tomorrow, or technically 3:00 local time. And it won't be my couch, it will likely be a dirty barstool. But there will be beer.