Monday, April 24, 2006

It occurs to me,

That I haven't really discussed the Montreal Canadiens on this blog, so maybe today's the day.

I hate the Montreal Canadiens.

It's not that I have anything against the city or people of Montreal, or any of the players, coaches or staff that are on the Canadiens, It's just that I was born and raised in the Boston area, and was raised right. You grow up a Boston sports fan, you hate the Yankees, Canadiens, and Lakers, and that's that. I don't even like basketball, and I hate the Lakers.

Is it irrational?


Fuck it, I hate the Canadiens, and if I see someone rooting for the Canadiens, they immediately have a strike against them. That's not to say that I can't hang out with them or even become their friend, but I gotta tell you, when I hear that they root for the Habs, it's sort of like hearing someone make a casual racial slur. I mean- they might redeem themselves later, but right off the bat- I hear you say that, and boom- you're a dick.

Come to think of it, you know how I said that I didn't have anything against anyone who's on the Canadiens?

Scratch that.

Alexei Kovalev is a whiny bitch.

I hate that guy.

At any rate, I made a big deal about not making any predictions as to who would win the cup, because honestly, it's a fool's game. Every single blogger, columnist or broadcaster that covers hockey is expected to make predictions, and they always just end up picking one of the teams that won the most games. That way they can cover their ass when they are wrong. I've heard people picking the Wings, Stars, Senators and Hurricanes, all cause they won a lot of games, but absolutely NO ONE has picked Montreal to win the Stanley Cup this year, which is why I just did it.

You heard me.

The Montreal Canadiens will win the Stanley Cup this year, and nobody is more sick about it than I am.

Here's why:

The Canes are a young team without a steady goaltender and Montreal seems to have a magical ability to win the Stanley Cup at least once a decade. And it's been 12 years.

Just sayin.'

Ghosts are out there, and this Huet kid seems to be for real. Also, Saku Koivu?

You think he can't beat the Carolina Hurricanes?
You know what this motherfucker beat?


He beat CANCER!

Don't count the Habs out.

Just don't expect me to be happy about it.

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Anonymous said...

I had that same bad dream last night.

seriously, I had that sneeky suspicion that the habs were matched up pretty well against the canes, then I saw the 6-1 final and... uh oh. I think you may be right and I fucking hate it.

Here is how you beat the habs in the playoffs.

Give them blankets with small pox.

short of that you better hope they beat themselves.