Thursday, January 01, 2009

Winter Classic: After period two.

Well it's official ladies and gents- we have a hell of a hockey game on our hands.

Three unanswered goals from the defending Stanley Cup champs, a highlight reel go-ahead goal from Pavel Datsyuk.

One of the joys of watching this game from the greatest sports blogosphere on earth has been the great job Eric McErlain has been doing, posting video from the stands at the classic.

Here's some of his videos, which he threw up on Youtube:

A personal highlight for me was the Friday the 13th trailer. With apologies to Huet, Jason has the best looking hockey mask of the day. It was a new trailer that I haven't seen yet, but I am pretty fired up for this movie. Sure, other Friday the 13th movies have come and gone, but what does this one have that others haven't?

Topless Waterskiing.

That is what is known as raising the motherfucking bar.

I'm still commenting on the AOL Fanhouse liveblog, and had some fun with this exchange:

AdamGretz: If Bill Wirtz were still running the Hawks, would all of this be happening today?
Bruce Ciskie: Hell, no.
[Comment From Ritch]
It would be happening, but it wouldn't be televised.

No matter who loses today, the game of hockey wins.

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