Thursday, January 01, 2009

Winter Classic: After period three.

Well, the game is over, and the Hawks just didn't bring their game, which made for a kind of a bummer ending to what was a great hockey game. Interesting to see if these two teams meet the Wings in the playoffs- these past two losses are a pretty sobering way to end a 9 game winning streak.

Some thoughts:

-Kudos to Darren Pang for letting us know that Ty Conklin took a bathroom break. Huet on the other hand, took his crap out on the ice.

-It's very classy and cool that they are opening up the ice space tomorrow for people to skate on for 10 dollars, with all of the money going to charity. They should do that every year.

-It is probably not worth saying this, but YES, the Winter Classic should happen every single year. Traditions are started when something is so much fun that you just really, really want to do it again. This game is one of those things. While the NHL never seems to miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, this is just great for the game. Let's do it again next year, and let's do it at Fenway with the Bruins and Habs.

-I am now watching "The music of Seal on Ice" on NBC. It's fucking bizarre. This is one Seal that I wouldn't mind seeing clubbed to death. Or eaten by a large walrus. Either way would be fine.

- So far, the home team has lost both Winter Classics. Too bad. It's really cold out there, and that's a long walk back to your cars. I remember the mood on the walk to the parking lot after the game in Buffalo. That's a long, cold walk for a bunch of fans who were really psyched up to attend a game that is the hottest ticket in town. I really hope the home team wins next year. Unless it's in Montreal. I love watching those french bastards suffer.

- "Seal on Ice" is still on in the background. Seriously, I would love to meet the TV executive who actually stood up in a meeting and said "How about Seal on Ice?" I would greet him, ask how exactly how it was that he decided to combine those two particular things, then set his penis on fire. I mean, Holy Shit. Seal on Ice? For Christ's Sake.

- I've been watching those Bud Light "Drinkability" ads all afternoon. Is that really a selling point? That your beer is "drinkable?"I mean, it seems to suggest that they are fully aware that their beer sucks, and have decided to strongly assert- "No, we know that our beer is watery piss, but despite all that, you actually CAN drink it. Despite what you have heard and experienced, this beer actually can physically be consumed. It has drinkability." Basically, what they are saying in this ad is, I guess, their beer isn't frozen. Nice work, idiots.

-I haven't been writing much on this blog over the past few months, mainly because I generally write on this blog when I am upset about hockey, and as a Boston Bruins fan, things couldn't be better right now. Look what I wrote about the B's this time last year, and you can see that all the signs were there. And Phil Kessel is definately hitting the back of the net.

-Happy 2009 everyone!


Mands said...

I was just saying there should be an outdoor game at Fenway. That'd be sick!

Charles said...

The thinking was "what singer do you think of when you think of ice." The guy who said "Bjork" had his penis set on fire.

The other thought was to have Paul McCartney. Koo-koo-ka-choo.

Claven455 said...

I totally agree with the Bruins playing in Fenway in the next Classic, but against the Rangers (even though I hate them with every ounce of my being). Montreal got the first one with Edmonton. Let's spread it around a little. Not every team, but let's give a few others a chance before going back to Montreal so quickly. Here's some other possible future matchups just for fun. Ottawa vs Toronto, Vancouver vs Calgary, Dallas vs Minnesota, Islanders vs Rangers in either Citi Field or Yankee Stadium, Devils(rivals) or Blues(co-67) vs Flyers, Avalanche vs Capitals (either site would work).