Thursday, January 01, 2009

Winter Classic: After period one.

Hey all-

Unlike last year, when I was lucky enough to join the throng at Ralph in Buffalo, this New Year's Day I'm parked on my couch watching the Winter Classic, and it's a great day for hockey.

I'm having a heck of a time adding comments over at NHL Fanhouse, who are running a liveblog of the event.

Check it out here!

It's already a better game, hockey-wise, than last year, here's a few thoughts:

-Conklin doesn't look strong. The wrap-around goal was soft and I've questioned his positioning.
-The pacing is fun to watch, lots of back and forth.
-Whoever was supposed to be covering Havlat on his goal F'd up. That was a missed assignment, plain and simple.
-Scrappy. I love the hits and the scrums. I'd love to see some Winter Classic fisticuffs.
-This is the first time Chris Chelios has back to Wrigley since he saw the Cubs win the World Series.

I'll try to write a little recap after each period here as well.

Second period is about to start.

Happy New Year!

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