Friday, January 23, 2009

Claude Julien vs. Rick Tocchet

I'm watching a good interview with Boston Bruins and Eastern All Stars coach Claude Julien on the NHL Network leading up to the All-Star game.

Julien played a handful of games in the NHL with the Quebec Nordiques, and he was asked if he fought. Julien responded that he had, and added that"If you want to go on to YouTube, you can see Rick Tocchet break my nose."

I heard that, and thought- you know, I think I'd like to check that out!

And sure enough, here it is:


Back in those days, Julien was in over his head with the current coach of the Tampa Bay Lighting. Not these days.

Oh, and if you wanna see Tocchet opening up another facial cut on a current member of the Bruins management, you can watch that here too, but you'll see that the Vice President gets in a few more solid shots.

Here's current Bruins broadcaster and former #1 overall pick Gord Kluzak faring slightly better:

Of course, Kluzak's got a better looking dance partner these days.

Seems like bum luck. I dig up Youtube clips of Rick Tocchet pounding on the faces of three different luminaries involved with the Boston Bruins, and none of them are Jeremy Jacobs.

As for Tocchet himself, I always liked the guy (Although I liked him less when he played the Bruins.) He was a skilled, scrappy player who was tough to play against, hit hard, and played the game the right way. The Bolts are in such bad shape these days, that he may not be destined to be a head coach forever, but he'll always have a job somewhere in hockey.

Bet on it.

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