Tuesday, January 06, 2009

OK- yes, I hate Sidney Crosby...but-

I gotta say- I feel bad for the guy.

I went to the Rangers/Pens game last night, and man, the Penguins are falling apart.

I think it's time to ask the question-

Is the NHL asking too much of Sidney Crosby?

The crowd was chanting "Crosby Sucks" with the same zeal that they shouted "Sloppy Seconds" when Dion Phaneuf came to town, and while sure- the Madison Square Garden crowd has always been tough, I wonder- has the NHL put too many eggs in Crosby's basket?

He's a great player, but can any player handle that weight?

Look- I hate the Penguins, and there are a lot of elements of Crosby's game that I have big problems with. But if the Pens keep folding the way they have been, will the pressure of the league's marketing bury one of it's brightest stars?

I hope not.

I mean, not enough that the Penguins actually turn it around, but still-

A real fan of the game wants it's greatest stars to shine.

The way to do that is by reporting the excellence of the NHL honestly, and honestly- the NHL has been over-promoting this kid- yes KID- for years.

Sidney Crosby will be 22 years old in August.

Could the NHL be killing Sidney Crosby?

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