Friday, February 01, 2008

I'll tell ya this-

The Ottawa Senators without two of their best players are not the Ottawa Senators that I know.

If anybody doubts this, ask a Buffalo Sabres fan.

But still- boyoboy, the Bruins played a hell of a game.

They were definatley a little sloppy with the turnovers in the third period, but you can't argue with Phil Kessel scoring early, Milan Lucic getting rewarded for going to the goddamn net with power, and of course, Marc Savard taking advantage of a turnover with a nice goal.

Also, it was fun to listen to former Bruin Gary Galley doing an exemplary job doing color for the Senators broadcast.

Any longtime Bruins fan had to be happy hearing him mentioning Milan Lucic in the same breath as Cam Neely, and after a nice save by Tim Thomas, mentioning that back in the day, Reggie Lemelin and Andy Moog used to say "Give us three goals and we'll win for you."

Are these Bruins as good as the Bruins of the late 80s?

Not yet.

But they're getting there.

With Julien's system in place and a few guys back from injury, they could surprise some teams in April, that's for sure.

Speaking of the late 80s, anybody else notice a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins throwing a knee-on-knee hit on another team's superstar?

Nice work, Jarko Ruutu.

Way to maintain the traditions of the franchise.


The Dark Ranger said...

The Bruins hurt my poor ailing Rangers back-to-back and I don't like 'em. Needless to say, they are one of the surprises in the East -- comparable to Phoenix in the Western Conference.

Still don't like the new logo.

The Dark Ranger

JoeC said...

One night the devils look great, the next the look like a team that won't make the playoffs. Even if they do, they will probably won't make it to the semi's

Doogie said...

Wasn't that 1991?

I still shake my head and wonder what Cam Neely might have done with ten more healthy seasons, instead of three or four broken ones.