Friday, February 08, 2008


What has happened to hockey fans in this country?

Zdeno Chara was booed all night by the Buffalo Sabres fans, I guess, because he's tall?

Seriously, what gives?

I've seen this around the league a little bit, even from (gasp) Canadian teams, who oughta know better. Of course, they weren't booing Chara because he's tall, they are booing him because I guess, they perceive him to be the Bruins best player. Let's be clear here: being good at hockey is no reason to boo a guy. If he's killed you in the playoffs, if he's famous for taking dives, if he's named Mike Ribero, OK- boo away. But just booing becuase he's good makes you look stupid.

Speaking of which, I was a bit upset to hear that Scott Niedermeyer was booed every time he touched the puck on his first return to New Jersey.

Sure, he left to go and play with his brother, but- jeez, Devils fans- you're gonna boo Scott Niedermeyer?



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Kevin said...

I'm pretty sure they are booing him because of a long hatred as a rival when he was on the Senators. I know Boston doesn't have any rivals anymore because of their lengthy suckitude, but other teams do.

Geez, Ritch, just be happy that people are finally noticing the Bruins and their return to the NHL.