Monday, February 18, 2008

I really can't get enough of these week old Zednik fantasy player previews:

Here's another sweet one, this time from Janet Eagelson (I'll go ahead and assume there's no relation to Alan):

Richard Zednik, LW, Florida (0.65 percent owned) – I never thought I'd be ever be touting the name of this underachieving, injury-prone Slovakian speedster. But in the last week, he has exploded with torpedo-like ferocity on opposing netminders and his efforts have earned him playing time alongside Rollie Pollie Olie. Ooops, wrong children's hero – Olli Jokinen, I mean. Zednik is on a three-game, seven-point streak heading into Saturday's game against Boston and his confidence is soaring. He could be a short-term position fill for what's been ailing you. Just be ready to cut him when he starts slipping back into his typical unimaginative play.


"Just be ready to cut him?"

Sounds like "Rollie Pollie Olie" took her at her word.

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