Thursday, January 31, 2008

Am I wrong to think that the Bruins are looking very good?


I mean- with all the injuries they've been dealing with?

The Bruins played the most entertaining game I've seen since the 3 goal, third period comeback against Pittsburgh a while back, the one when Andrew Ference got in a scrap with one Sidney Crosby, and wouldn't you know, it was on the heels of another Andrew Ference scrap that the B's pull out another hell of a hockey game, and this time, they actually won it, not settling for the overtime loss that the Pens handed them.

I'll tell ya, if Phil Kessel could hit the back of the net with any regularity, we'd have something here.

And by something, I mean- a trip to the conference finals?

Granted, I just got married and am filled with confidence for the future, but with Tim Thomas' recent stellar play, Marc Savard playing like an MVP candidate, and Zdeno Chara backing up a strong blueline that is playing Claude Julien's system to a T, well, who knows?

If the lunchpail gang can keep us in the hunt, who knows what happens when we get a few of these injured guys back in the lineup?

Ultimately, if all else fails, the emergence of Milan Lucic makes this season a success, no matter what else happens.

It'll be fun to see how they match up against Ottawa tonight.

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