Monday, February 11, 2008

That's the last time-

-I ever wish ill on Richard Zednik.

In my last post, after he put up two on the Bruins, I asked "Where's Kyle McLaren when you need him," in reference to the time McLaren almost took his head off in the 2003 playoffs.

For those who haven't see the clip, last night, Zednik was cut in the throat by a skate in what seemed like a harmless play. He's in stable condition, thank God. Apparently it was a pretty gruesome scene, as this TSN photo of the crowd's reaction shows.

Here's the YouTube of the incident, particulary chilling that it happened in Buffalo, where they have some experience with that. When one of the announcers says he's never seen that much blood," his partner responds by saying "sadly, I have," clearly a reference to the Clint Malarchuk incident. (non-explicit link)

We goof around here a lot, and jokingly wish bumps and bruises on a lot of players we love to root against, but when something like this happens, that all stops. No true hockey fan would ever wish any serious injury against any hockey player, ever.

All of our best to Zednick and his family.

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