Monday, January 28, 2008

And those were the takes they USED!

Pretty sure Ritch is still honeymooning and (let's hope) too busy to blog before they get back, so I'll just continue to deliver the good stuff in his stead (clip starts after about 10 seconds of black):

OK, observations:

1) Not only is Colby Armstrong the best actor of the four Penguins in the spot, he has a face made for Hollywood. Attention, casting agents: looking for a cross between Conan O'Brien and Adrien Brody? Contact Ray Shero for availability.

2) Correct me if I'm wrong (and please, God, let me be wrong) but was Talbot doing a McLovin impression? Judd Apatow, what hath you wrought?

3) I love how Gonchar is just standing ramrod straight in the background the whole time - like a suit of armor, but with less personality.

4) Malkin looks at the keys in his hand like a mental defective who just picked up a pile of dogshit.

I now firmly believe that Sidney Crosby faked a high ankle sprain just to get out of shooting this spot.


Pens Pal said...

Quite possibly the best commercial ever! I love that Malkin doesn't get to talk, and clearly this was done in one take... or at the very least 10.

rachael said...

I've seen this video like 20 times, and your observation of Malkin's expression finally put into words what I was also caused me to spit tea on my laptop!