Saturday, January 05, 2008

World Juniors

I'm sitting on my couch watching OT of the gold medal game of the World Junior Tournament.

Great third period for the Sweden, and seeing all these under 20's on the big European sheet of ice makes it look like mini-one-on-one.

I'll tell ya, if the NHL does the winter classic again next year, I'd like to see them build a nice big European sheet. Maybe I'm just a little bitter cause I couldn't see much action from my seat, but why not build a big sheet?

And Canada scores!

Puck popped into the slot on an attempted wraparound and this kid just hammered it home. It wasn't pretty, but there is something awesome about a gold medal being won by a kid crashing the net.

Apparently, the tournament is taking place in Ottawa next year, and is already sold out.

Big day for Canadian hockey.

Oh, and this may be stupid, but I'm leaving Karri Romo in net against Ottawa tonight on my fantasy team. The Sens just dropped two against the Caps, and the New Year usually seems to be the time when the Senators start slumping.

Could this be my most boring post ever?



Anonymous said...

The interviews with the Team Canada players after the game were great. They were about to explode. It was like listening to a bunch of 6-year olds tell you what they got for Xmas.

Alec said...

...........that's because it IS what they got for christmas.