Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ice Bowl wrapup

to follow...but for now, here's where those lucky pricks Jack and Ritch were sitting:

And at the risk of stealing any thunder from the aforementioned wrapup, let me just say that if you were looking for an argument against the shootout, you'd be hard pressed to find a better one than yesterday's game. The Penguins (after the first 10 minutes) were outplayed and outclassed, pure and simple. For them to get the extra point on the strength of a single Crosby 5-hole trickler is ridiculous. That said, I'm sure it gave Gary Bettman a real warm, fuzzy feeling.

And another thing...I went to the trouble of adding Kris Letang to my fantasy team, so let's at least start counting shootout goals as GWG where applicable, shall we? I'm looking at you, Yahoo Fantasy Sports. I need all the help I can goalies are Ray Emery and Johan Holmqvist, fer chrissakes. I'm basically spotting the other team a 5 point lead every week.

But I digress.

Ice Bowl wrapup to follow...

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