Thursday, November 16, 2006

Well, the B's pulled it out last night-

- in a shootout.

While it wasn't the massacre I'd hoped it would be, it still was fun to imagine Gary Bettman telling Ted Leonsis what a great thing the shootout is for the game just as his Caps fell to 0-4 in that category. Although who knows? Maybe it wasn't such a bad night for Ted. There's a chance that his kids took some serious steps towards becoming self-actualized individuals all while staying loving within the family.

(See # 11 on Ted's 101 list)

If the B's can keep the ball rolling in Toronto tonight, there will be cause for optimism.

Oh, and I got another humor piece published, coinciding with the release of the new Bond movie. It ain't about hockey, but Jason Vorhees makes a cameo in a hockey mask, so that's close enough. You can read it here.

Happy Thursday People!


Anonymous said...

They did well in Toronto too. Thomas looked solid for a change...aggressively playing, coming out of his crease to confront players and cut off the angles. Gerber could learn from that....he just hides in his crease! I swear some games there are marks from the net on the seat of his pants!

Was worried that the bruins were going to blow the lead again. They've been so weak in the third period....but Bergeron's goal was a beauty. Only 34 seconds into OT. I hope they keep the streak going a bit...

vh2k6 said...

haha. pulled it out.