Friday, November 03, 2006

Brendan Shanahan-

Jesus, is this guy a hockey player.

I'm up late again, watching the Sharks and the Rangers, and this guy, down a goal with less than a minute left, blocks a shot with his chest and it hurts him. He stays in, stays in position, then manages to dive in the zone and slap a bank shot off the boards and into the empty net, making him the NHL's leading goalscorer and tying him with Bobby Hull on the all time goal scoring list.

Oh, and he also assisted on Cullen's goal.

And how about this Hollweg kid?


joe said...

missing shanny.


detroit fan.

Anonymous said...

Me, too. :(

Another Detroit fan.

(If Shanny were on the ballot for governor, he would beat either major party candidate...and lose to Jim Leyland.)

thehockeychick said...

He is definitely awesome to watch. Whether he's setting someone up, blocking a shot, or shooting one himself it's always something.

As a Blues fan, I still miss him from those days. Even though we got Pronger in the trade, I will forever hold a grudge against Mike Keenan for trading my Shanny from me.