Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hello, "Chris Pronger Rumors" people.

I've had a TON of hits, over the past few days, the way I always do when Edmonton plays Anaheim, but this time, it's moreso, seeing as Pronger is back in Edmonton tonight. In fact, the flurry of hits was so intense that I thought for second I'd missed the game.

Any predictions?

I don't have much to add, but for those people who liked the original post, or the follow up (from the last time this happened) here's a fun note from Ty Conklin's player info page, under assets:

Has plenty of confidence in the crease, and is a capable puck-handler. Works extremely hard at improving his game.

Well, I should hope so.

Well, while you're here folks, here are a few greatest hits:

Brind'Amour's Cup Smooch

Candle in the Wind: An Interpretive Dance

The sad lack of good books about hockey.

There might be better ones, bit I'm tired-

Oh, and if you want my predicton, I'd say 6-4 Anaheim, with a goal by Lupul and a goal and 2 assists from Pronger.


Anonymous said...

tribute to Neiuendyke(sp)?

prooven winner thats for sure

Anonymous said...

Just read the post about no books on hockey. I'm reading an excellent one now, although the focus is on hockey in canada. The Canadian Hockey Atlas by Stephen Cole. It goes from coast to coast, from pre-NHL, junior, right up to the current NHL. It does go into american teams somewhat if the player in question is a Canadian (like the Lightning in their Cup run).