Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Besides the fact that it's the only hockey on this week

Why are we watching the All Star Game?

  • It's our first chance to shit on the new uniforms

  • We'll get to see the skills competition, which only happens once a year (or when the score is tied at the end of overtime)

  • It's the only hockey on this week (crap, sorry!)

  • Debuting our new drinking game, where every time Gary Bettman insincerly praises the fans, we drink

  • The sublime assistant coaching of Barry Trotz

  • It's the only hockey on this week (OK, OK- Jesus!)

  • Where else are you going to see Thornton and Cheechoo on the same line?

  • To be able to witness, if only for one day, a hockey game that discourages hitting, fighting, incidental contact, hooking, holding, and gives Ovechkin and Crosby room to stand in front of the net unmolested

  • It's the only hockey on this week

What, do you have a better reason?

We're all ears.


Anonymous said...

I'm watching hoping that they "mike-up" JR! oh he's not an allstar? Maybe they'll mike-up that witty Brett Hull for some playfull ribbing!

I would give up Phil Kessel's remaining nut to have them mike up someone and get a kevin stevens style live audio

"ya tit fuckah!"

Tapeleg said...

Best pick up game ever. Nuff said.

vh2k6 said...

what would be exciting is if they had dany heatley drive the zamboni during the intermission.