Friday, August 18, 2006

Here's something fun-

It's a link to a page that allows you to download the long out-of-print Rick Moranis Comedy album "You, Me, the Music and Me," notable here for the track called "hockey."

I didn't think it was tremendously funny, but then again, I'd never listened to Foster Hewitt, and this seems to be making fun of him.

And there's the difference between America and Canada. Down here, you don't sell a lot of records by hauling out your killer Fred Cusick impression. Which is too damn bad, cause I have a pretty good one.

I can't wait to read his book.

In fact, if he reads the audiobook, I'm preordering right now.

Not sold yet?

Well, according to this teaser in the Boston Globe, Cusick wrote it because he didn't like other hockey books: "(Phil) Esposito's was awful...I could have thrown up reading all that personal stuff."

Christ, I loved that man.

Here's hoping Derek Sanderson does the introduction.

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Anonymous said...

Derek Sanderson's dust-jacket quote:

"Pret-ty good book, Ya know what I mean?" - Derek Sanderson.