Monday, June 01, 2009

The Stanley Cup Finals Have Sucked. Watch, As I Start To Bitch About It, Decide It's Pointless, And Instead Resort To Mocking Rod Brind'Amour's Looks

Boys and men.

I didn't even watch the third period.


The Pittsburgh Penguins are consistently playing JUST well enough to lose by one.

If they don't show me something radically different in Pittsburgh, we're looking at a sweep.

All I can say is, if the fucking Carolina Hurricanes are gonna go and knock out the two best teams in the east, the least they could have done is shown up for the conference finals.

I mean, Jesus.

I don't know how Rod Brind'Amour can look at himself in the mirror.


Anonymous said...

watched the game saturday night, but didn't watch much last night. i may tune in for game 3 since it's the first pens home game & if detroit wins that one i'm pretty sure i'll be playing video games for game 4.

i played a kid on nhl 09 @ the gamestop in herald square last friday & he was from pittsburg so he chose the pens & i played with the wings & the final score to that game was detroit 3 pittsburg 1.


mrken said...

You're a dumb ass mother fucker. The game is right. PENGUINS will LOSE if they don't WIN in game 5 on Saturday. Funny, fucking bullshit if I can't log on and post this fucking simple true information on their goddamn dumb ass site. I can't. It's a piece of fucking shit!!