Friday, June 05, 2009

No Internet Access At Home.

Hey all,

My internet at home has been knocked out for the past few days, and I can't really do a lot of hockey blogging at work, mainly because my day job is blogging, and one of the ways I got the job in the first place was by showing them the hockey blog. Hence, my employers know it exists, and they are cool and nice, and if they noticed that I wasn't writing on their blog while some hillarious post I write here about Jordan Staal popping someone in the walnuts turns up in their Google Readers, well, it wouldn't look good is all.

But yes, I'm aware the Stanley Cup final has gotten a heck of a lot more fun to watch, I just haven't said so yet cause I haven't had the ability to write from home these past few days. Hopefully I'll get the problem worked out over the weekend.

For now, enjoy this comment I received on my last post from the ever eloquent "Mr. Ken:"

You're a dumb ass mother fucker. The game is right. PENGUINS will LOSE if they don't WIN in game 5 on Saturday. Funny, fucking bullshit if I can't log on and post this fucking simple true information on their goddamn dumb ass site. I can't. It's a piece of fucking shit!!

Personally, he lost me after "dumb ass mother fucker," but like most great poetry, the interpretation of meaning is up to YOU- the reader.

What do you think he's saying here?

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