Thursday, June 11, 2009

My beautiful wife....

...will be giving birth to a baby girl this weekend, if her doctor is to be believed.

But the doctor might be lying.

It makes sense to me that baby doctors might tell women who are very pregnant and sick of being pregnant that "it'll be this weekend" just to make them feel better. Believe me, there is something to be said for lying to pregnant women to make them feel better. And don't misjudge my motives, I'm just positing the theory that it's a good thing when pregnant women feel better.

Cause, from what little I've seen of it, being pregnant kind of sucks.

Anyway, this is a hockey blog, and I post this here because this weekend, of course, there's a pretty big hockey game on, and I may become a father during game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals. My wedding had a similar hockey overlap, and of course what happens in circumstances like that is that watching hockey becomes the smaller number. It's a big goddamn number, there's no doubt about it, but when you do the math, you realize what's really important. If you are the kind of hockey fan that would bemoan getting married or experiencing the birth of your first child because you're missing a hockey game, you might want to stop calling yourself "a hockey fan," and go with something smoother sounding, like "sociopath."

Hockey is hockey and life is life and there are some things that are just more important, plain and simple.

With that said, thank fucking Christ the Bruins aren't playing Friday. And I'm not saying I wouldn't make the right choice, I'm just glad I don't have to. For all hockey people, the game is part of our lives, so it would follow that it might be part of the significant milestones of our lives as well. I haven't missed watching the Stanley Cup being raised since the mid-80's, but if I do miss it this year, I'll have a pretty good excuse. If the game is tied at the end of the third, and I'm not there to watch it, enjoy your sudden death hockey fans.

I'll be welcoming new life.


Katherine said...

My best friend's husband is an Oilers fan. He hasn't quite forgiven his son for making his wife go in labor during game 6. Luckily there was a tv in the hospital room. To this day, he's still bitter abt the loss.

Anonymous said...

good luck & congrats.


MattB said...

Congrats :D - And you aren't alone - I'll be watching game 7 from a hospital room tomorrow night. (And I've been a Pens fan for almost 20 years) :D

Luckily for me this baby is scheduled - 12:30 tomorrow, so I don't have to make a choice, instead I'll just drive my wife nuts in the room afterwards. :D (I also told her if the Pens win I'm totally going to bang on the nursery window like that NHL commercial)

Charles said...

Oh man. My baby made me miss hosting a show at UCB. Now your baby may make me miss having someone to watch game 7 with?

I'm starting to think babies are selfish.