Sunday, June 14, 2009



With the Cup on the ice?

Fuck me.

I hate that guy.

That was awesome how one asshole who didn't play in the third period passed it to another asshole who didn't play the third period.

Yay, Marketing!


Bowens82 said...
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Bowens82 said...

How can you possibly hate Mario after all he did for our great game? You might not be a Pens fan but to hate Mario? Come on now...

Ritch said...

Mario was an extraordinarily skilled player who had, and has, a tremendous ability to look out for himself.

I admire his skills on the ice, especially in the face of injury and disease.

What I don't admire was his tendency, over and over again, to yap at officials, to feign injuries, to dive, and to cheap shot people behind the official's back.

And if someone gave him a taste of his own medicine, he'd follow an official all over the ice screaming about it.

It was distasteful to watch.

I love the man's highlight reel, but let's not forget, the very things that make guys like Brendan Shanahan, Cam Neely, and Jerome Iginla wonderful players to watch and root for were the very things that Mario lacked.