Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thomas Holmstrom's head is filled with candy.

I mean, if it isn't, why do people keep trying to break it open?

Two different cuts from a vicious double hit from Pronger and the other Niedermeyer, and he's back on the ice for the third period?

Then he gets his helmet knocked off AGAIN?

I'm surprised Chris Simpson didn't get a shot in during the postgame interview.

Jesus, I love this game.

Oh, and in the East, am I crazy for not ruling Buffalo out?

I mean, yeah- they need to win four in a row.

That's really hard to do.

Only been done twice before in hockey.

Still, this season, regular season and playoffs, the Buffalo Sabres have won four games in a row eight times.


And, yeah, Ottawa is good, but I'm just saying- this team has been down a lot, and have come back.

Over and over again.

They've done it all year.

Add that to the fact that game one was a hell of a lot closer than the score indicated, they tied the game in heroic fashion in game two and got a bad bounce in the 2nd OT, and in game three if Briere scores that goal in the first 40 seconds, it's anybody's game.

All I'm saying is, everybody's coronating Ottawa, but the Sabres aren't dead, and they could have easily won any one of those games. If they pull their heads out of their asses on the power play, it's not inconceivable that they could win four in a row.

Coming into this, would anyone have been shocked if Buffalo swept?

I'm not saying that they WILL come back and win, but shit, if anybody could have a shot to pull this off- it's them.

I mean, fuck-

8 times?

The Sabres have won four games in a row 8 times.

Just sayin'

8 times.

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Anonymous said...

Best post title ever!

How about the Red Wings last night not igniting a brawl after that hit? The 10,000 that Lindy Ruff was recently fined should be split up around the Detroit locker room.

Right now Buffalo has done nothing to prove that they can figure out Ottawa. The Solution- Andrew Peters and Adam Mair a combined 13 points in the regular season and a whopping 253 combined PIM. send those fuckers commando style to the front of the net and see what happens.