Saturday, May 19, 2007

Check out the new duds!

Hi all, and welcome to the new and improved!

You'll need to re-adjust your bookmarks as the redirect from ain't gonna last forever, and we'd love to have you all back.

So c'mon in, put your stick by the door, and leave your hockey bag out in the garage, that thing stinks to high heaven.

Bookmark it NOW, and come back often.

We will still be your daily source for such infotaining posts like:

What to watch in Manhattan when all three hockey channels are showing the same Devils/Rangers game!

Humorous (yet terribly wrong) Stanley Cup Predictions from 2006!

Borderline racist indictments of the Columbus Blue Jackets organization!

Who would win in a fight between Tie Domi and a Lion!

And of course, the everpopular:
Candle in the Wind, an interpretive dance as performed by Bill McCreary, Rob Schick, Kerry Fraser, Greg Kimmerly, Pierre Champoux and Paul Stewart

Of course, Ben Jack and Jen will continue to post as well.

I hope.

Now- anybody know how a brother can get some press credentials to the Stanley Cup Finals?


Brushback said...

Hey, cool look!

I knew something was up when I accidentally stumbled onto a sneak preview about a week ago, as the new sidebar with the links showed up on my Technorati. Ah ha!

vh2k6 said...



Alec said...

Can anyone explain to me why in OVERTIME I'm now watching the fucking preakness stakes?

Bill Clement just asked me to enjoy the preakness- and he was not outraged, he was smiling! WTF?

NBC sucks cock

oh- nice new look.

Kevin said...

Snazzy new duds, AHF.

And we knew you way back when.