Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Sens are mightier than Aaron Ward.

And, yeah, I know Aaron Ward isn't playing, but he's been on my shitlist, I had a pun to complete, and he's about all the Sens are mightier than these days.

Especially the formerly mighty Ducks.

By the way, I considered a few others:

Oh, No, Canada!
Duck, Duck, Goose Egg
Filibusted (get it? cause they are Senators)


I'll tell you people, this hockey writing for no money is TAXING.

If there's any good news for the Senators, it's that they're getting dominated in one goal games, instead of blowouts. They get a lucky bounce or two, and who knows what happens in overtime. Still, the odds that the lucky bounce happens anywhere in front of Giguere seems long.

The goal Emery let in wasn't terrible, but looked a little more like the kind of goal that you don't blame him for if it goes in after two overtimes. And when he mishandles the puck, it gives the Ducks confidence and they press harder. The Senators played a great first period and tried to match the Ducks hit for hit, which is admirable, but as its turning out, if the Senators want to truly match the Ducks, guys like Tom Preissing, Antoine Vermette, Mike Comrie and Dean McCammond need to start not only shooting more, but heading to the net hard, taking the lumps and maybe even pressing them shorthanded.

When the Senators pressed the Sabres shorthanded it worked like a charm.

Where'd that game go?

Either way, it looks like Canadians will finally be getting their prime time Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday night, and it's up to the Senators to determine if they'll enjoy it. It's NBC the rest of the way for all of us here in the United States which means it's time to start guessing what idiotic thing they're going to rename "Versus" this off-season.

I'll guess the "And" network, or perhaps simply "@"

Oh, and Monday? Don Cherry returns to American television, as part of an "announcer exchange program." In exchange, The CBC gets Jimmy Carson, Martin Gelinas, some cash and a few draft picks.

Oh, sorry- I mean, Brett Hull.

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Anonymous said...

Re: NBC I feel for ya's
Re: HNIC 'Bout fuckin' time
Re: SCF I don't see a comeback, sigh, I'm from EDM
worst season evah!