Tuesday, September 26, 2006

John Buccigross-

-is back in action today over at ESPN.com, and it's good to have him back.

My link over there on the sidebar doesn't seem to get you anywhere, but here's the direct link.

I emailed John back before I started this blog about opportunities to write about hockey, and he was kind enough to email me back, which was a pleasant surprise. He didn't have too much advice other then "start writing," which I certainly knew already, but I did appreciate the response. And I know he's an ESPN guy, which is tantamount to treason for most hockey fans, given the limited coverage and outright scorn the game receives from most of those clowns over at Sportcenter, but if you read his column on a regular basis I think you'll find a smart, thoughtful, humorous dude who really cares about the game and is fighting for all American hockey fans from the belly of the beast.

So I thank him for that.

That's not to say I agree with everything he says, (Gonchar will have a good year? Really?) and as much as he knows about the NHL, which is a great deal, he is sadly misinformed about how much the average hockey fan likes indy rock.

I get it, you have eclectic musical taste. Now stop telling me that the Ottawa Senators are like a Ben Folds Five song.


Either way, welcome back John-

Now can you pull some strings and get us a nightly hockey wrapup show again?


Joe said...

The man is the only voice of reason at ESPN. I'll take all the indie rock references in the world if he helps keep hockey on the map over there.

KEG said...

I agree Joe. Bucci is the only one over there that has any sense at all. I don't like most of the music he lists, but I find it amusing. I'm glad he's back and more importantly, hockey is back.