Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bruins Sign Wacey Rabbit.

You heard me.

Wacey Rabbit .


My bad.

Here's the real story.



I guess I owe Hakan Loob an apology.

Still, I just did a player search, and there is nobody in the NHL with the last name of Cagney, so there goes my letter writing campaign begging the Bruins to complete the "Cagney and Wacey" line. Still, they should have no trouble motivating him, as while I'm not sure what the stick should be, I'm pretty sure about the carrot.

I can't wait until he scores three in a game, and we get to see the articles about pulling a hat out of a Rabbit.

Hockey starts in less than a month, but if you're jonesing to see what the Bruins are gonna look like there's always this .

There's a John Updike joke to be made somewhere here too, but I'll be damned if I know what it is.


Doc Nagel said...

I'm just hoping he turns out to be wascally.

Flippy said...

I just hope this means Anya is back.

Ben said...

Rabbit season!

Datsyuk season!

Rabbit season!

Datsyuk season!


Datsyuk season!

Rabbit season!


Doogie said...

I was waiting for a Looney Tunes reference. YES!

Anonymous said...

you know when he scores in an away game the commentators are going to say

"Shhhhh montreal fans, be vewy, vewy, quiet... you're being hunted by a Wabbit"