Friday, August 01, 2008

Really, Bruins?

You gave this guy money?

How much again did you pay the special needs FOOTBALL FAN FROM TENNESSEE to hawk the Bruins all you can eat pass?

I want answers.

If the answer isn't "We decided to do something so inexplicably stupid that hockey bloggers across North America would not be able to resist plugging the new Bruins free popcorn seats" than I'll be pissed.

Actually, if that is the answer, I have to admit, it's kind of brilliant.

So how'd you come up with that idea? Oh, I know- I bet you said- "you know what the problem was with trading Joe Thornton for Marco Sturm, Wayne Primeau, and Brad Stuart? Doing it without tying in a plug for the free food in the upper deck ticket packs. Next time we do something that is totally fucking ridiculous, let's move some nosebleeds!"

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Jill said...

WTF? Ok, first I hope he really didn't get paid one CENT. What a freaking...stupid dude. Thank GOD I am NOT from Tennessee...I would rather say I am from Detroit and I just live here. Ugh. I have many things to say about this You Tube sports video. Nobody gives a RATS ass about WKU going to the Sweet 16...and if they (The Bruins, You Tube or whoever)...are using this guy for advertising (when he thinks so highly of the CRAPPY TN Titans and UK football) we have some issues.

You for sure will not be seeing "all you can eat" tickets anywhere in Fatty land TN. Because they'd eat themselves to DEATH.

Whew...on that note, I'll keep you posted if Joe is still happy to be "born and raise in TN" after he sees this video. To be continued!