Wednesday, January 06, 2010

How Bout Those Kids!

Big ups to the American squad at the World Junior Classic!

I might not have given a crap if not for Aedan Helmer, reporter for the Ottawa Sun, who dropped me the following line:

I'm looking for some opinions on tomorrow's Canada-US showdown at the World
Junior tourney.
Are American hockey fans following the tournament?

I wrote him back with the following:

Hey Aedan-

What the hell is the World Junior tourney?


Sort of.

I can't speak for all American hockey fans, but I'd tend to doubt there is much interest, as the tourney isn't marketed at all down here. Basically, if the game was starting, and a buddy called me up and said "Hey- US -Canada is on" I'd thank him, and watch it, at least until Canada went up by seven.

There definitely is interest but the only place to watch or get news about it is on the NHL Network, which doesn't have a show devoted to it. We get some coverage from On The Fly, but not enough to really follow the tournament. The only games I have caught this year have been because I was flipping through and saw they were on, not because I was aware in advance. Also, you're never sure if you're watching a game live, and it hasn't helped that the few games I have clicked on have been big time blowouts.

That said, US/Canada is always worth tuning in for.

When's it on?

All the best,


He ended up using a great deal of what I wrote- here's the story. 

I just watched them end it in OT, and good for them!



WD to Evers to Chance said...

Look at you go! It's as if you're an actual hockey commentator again!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Americans hockey is for the fags.