Friday, January 08, 2010

Ben's at the Rock

Yeah, there isn't a lot going on.

I for one, am loving watching all these anchors fill time. If this keeps up, Stan Fischler is going to be interviewing a drunken Chris Terreri sometime around midnight.

Here's Ben, taped at the Rock moments ago:

Seriously, didn't Gary Bettman have no problem cancelling a bunch of hockey games sometime around 2004-2005?

UPDATE: 10:00 PM broadcasters announce game is cancelled- Mike D'Antoni must be thrilled!

UPDATE #2: Official language is game is "suspended." We dodged a bullet- apparently, the next thing scheduled was Ken Danekyo asking viewers for help with his KenKen puzzle.

UPDATE# 3: New official language is "postponed." They refer us to According to Doc Emeric, fans are littering the ice with some stuff.  As a Bruins fan, I'm kind of pissed we didn't get to see tape of the '88 Bruins/Oilers Cup Final blackout game. It was the best game the B's played that entire series.

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