Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So- what the fuck?


Pittsburgh and Detroit?

That's gonna be the goddamn Stanley Cup final?


You assholes are gonna reduce me to rooting for Hossa to lose the Stanley Cup with the other fucking team this time? I mean, that'd be awesome, from a hate perspective, but you know, on the other hand- the goddamn penguins would win another Cup, and who wants that?

I'll tell you who: Assholes, and my awesome friends Eric Cole and Carter Keairns.

But screw them.

Seriously- they've had their goddamn share.

Goddamnit, Blackhawks, pick it up.

And don't ask me to root for the Hurricanes- I just can't.

I hate this game.


carteroil said...

The most upsetting to me so far this playoffs is that the Penguins didn't get to trounce the Bruins in the Wales Conference Finals (or whatever the kids call it these days...) That seemed to be the magic bean they needed before winning their cups (take that poke to the eye Ritch ha ha).

So long as Carolina and Al Gore stay out of the Cup Finals I'm happy


Ms. Conduct said...

That was beautiful!

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Ever since Boston dropped out...Go Pens!

Ritch said...

re: Carter-

I'm sure the Pens would have loved to go through the Bruins again. You think this time they would have kneecapped Neely up in the Press Box?

Honestly, I'm glad the Coyotes are bankrupt if only it means that Ulf Samuelsson will be out of a job.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Rematch! Rematch! Rematch! I will take the '92 or '08 rematch. Whichever.

She wants to sell my monkey!

Go Pens!

-Eric Cole (the original)