Friday, October 10, 2008

"A crisis of confidence"

That's how I heard the global financial meltdown described on NPR this morning. They called it "a crisis of confidence."I don't claim to understand all the details of this mess, but I have been willing to say that putting the logo of the goddamn Montreal Canadiens on money helps no one.

And, for the record, neither will this:


Yeah, nothing restores confidence like Gary Bettman and the New York Islanders.


What- I guess the Grim Reaper and the Ghost of Hitler were busy that day? You couldn't get former FEMA chief Michael Brown, along with the remaining three survivors of the Titanic disaster? Oh, I know- how about Ziggy? Yes, the cartoon character Ziggy, complete with cartoon raincloud pouring rain over his head. Wait, Ziggy- and Patient Zero. That might be slightly worse for consumer confidence.

Jesus, Christ.

Is there a bigger metaphor for "everything he touches turns to shit" than that?

Gary Bettman ringing the bell of the New York Stock Exchange.

Nice work, buddy.

OK- It's been quite a week. Sorry I didn't comment on more of the sideshow that's been running around the NHL, but I was busy, um- watching hockey.

And there is a lot of awful stuff going on around the NHL.

Seriously, as though losing Reggie Dunlop wasn't enough, the next thing you know, Def Leppard is allowed to run around with the Stanley Cup, Gary Bettman is ringing the stock exchange bell, and Sarah Palin is dropping the puck in Philly.


Good on Larry Brooks for calling bullshit on that last one there, even if the idiots in the comments section don't back him up.

Seriously- Is that the way the NHL wants to sell itself? With the New York Stock Exchange, Def Leppard and Sarah Palin?

Well, lucky for hockey, the NHL still has two things even the marketing idiots at the NHL can't fuck up: The game itself, and the great fans who love it, despite the idiocy they throw at us.

Check out this Youtube clip, shot by fan, of the classy, wonderful banner raising ceremony out at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

That's how you do it, Gary.

You'll note they didn't raise the banner upside down.

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