Tuesday, September 09, 2008

More Politics (sorta)

Here's an interesting blog post by a guy who claims that Sarah Palin isn't a hockey mom, she's a hockey agitator.

So if Sarah Palin is the Sean Avery of the political landscape, who are the other major players in this year's election?

John McCain: Marcus Naslund

Once unquestionably great, both McCain and Naslund have gotten old and less interesting than they were eight years ago, so they rolled the dice. McCain took a chance on a longshot VP pick, and Naslund is heading to the Rangers, where old hockey players go to die. But will their gambles pay off? We should know by November.

Barack Obama: Jarome Iginla.

Multiethnic background, killer charisma, screwy name, has gotten to the finals, but has yet to win it all. Does he have what it takes to silence the critics?

Joe Biden: Don Cherry

Unquestionable blue collar experience and knowledge, but tends to shoot off his mouth from time to time in a way that makes his bosses nervous.

George W. Bush: Todd Bertuzzi

Steve Moore's neck is the war in Iraq. Bert's no show stint with the Panthers after being traded for Roberto Luongo is the failed response to Katrina. Everything since then hasn't been THAT bad, but it's been a far cry from good, that's for sure.

Dick Cheney: Kevin Lowe.

Kind of an asshole, and runs a team called the Oilers.


Anonymous said...

These are very clever. Allow me to recommend G.W. as Garry Bettman. Because they are both content to run the institutions they are responsible for into the ground. i.e. miserable failures

prashant said...

I'm going to take this opportunity to step away from hockey for a moment and let you know what I've been up to this summer.

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